Firewood & Kindling Firewood & Kindling

Firewood & Fuel

Useful Information…

  • A log is a bûche
  • Firewood is sold in stères
  • A stère is equivalent to 1m3 (if the bûche is 1m long)
  • Is wood the main source of heating in your property, or is your order just to have an occasional fire?
Nothing like a Warm Fire

Firewood & Kindling

Sourcing good quality firewood for your property is essential from a safety perspective, and also ensures that your fireplace is both efficient, and your fire easier to light and maintain.

Local wood suppliers work with the rhythm of the seasons, and are also restricted in terms of when they are able to cut, stack and remove wood from the local forests, meaning that finding a reliable supplier is an important consideration when heating your mountain home.

Firewood Firewood preparation Logs for winter

Due to high transportation costs, often it can prove difficult and expensive to arrange ad hoc deliveries to your property to match your personal usage, however Première Service are on hand to help.

Through long standing relationships with several trusted local suppliers, Première Service are able to provide you with an affordable supply according to your requirements, with our storage facilities in resort ensuring that you have a quality supply available to you 365 days a year.

To ensure maximum efficiency, our firewood is ‘seasoned’ for at least 2 years to remove the moisture, meaning that your logs are dry and ready to burn.

We are able to deliver the wood directly to your property as required at short notice, with your logs stacked neatly on your balcony or in your garage, ready for your next visit.

Kindling can also be provided for your fire.

Fuel & Oil

With a number of properties in the area not connected to the gas network, oil-powered central heating systems and boilers are commonplace. 

Through our regular suppliers, Première Service can arrange for a delivery of heating oil to your property in your absence.

Simply contact us with your requirements. 

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