The Premiere Service Office is Centrally Located Fully Equipped Office Services

Translation & Office Services

Office Services

We have a year round presence in Sainte Foy, with office facilities at your disposal should they be required during your next visit.

  • Document scanning
  • Wi-Fi Internet access
  • Printing & Laminating
  • Fax & Telephone access
  • General office admin
Centrally located Concierge office

Our office is always open

Our centrally located office in Sainte Foy is open 365 days per year for your convenience.

Translation Services

As with any property be it at home or abroad there is always a certain amount of administration involved… so its no surprise that France is any different… some might even argue that there is a little more paperwork in France!

Whether you are in the process of purchasing your French mountain home, are in need of some assistance in translating a French document into English, or require some help with producing a French version of some English correspondence, our team in Sainte Foy can assist with the translation of any documents or bureaucracy that you are having difficulty with.

We can assist with the following….

  • Document translation (English>French / French>English)
  • On-site interpretation
  • Administrative tasks
  • Local Taxes
  • Setting up bank accounts
  • Billing & Utilities
  • Telephone, broadband and satellite setup
  • Sorting of Mail

This list is non-exhaustive, and we will do our very best to offer our services, whatever your requirements may be.  Contact Us.

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