Syndic or Managing Agent for your property

Syndic & Co-Propriété Representation

Managing Agent in France Representation on your behalf

How Can Première Service Help You?

  • We can provide an affordable, transparent and reliable service for any maintenance, repair or improvement work required by your Co-Propriété, ensuring that your annual service charges are efficiently spent.
  • We can represent your interests at General Assembly and Syndic meetings, as well as acting on your behalf by proxy vote in your absence.
  • We can liaise with any 3rd party external contractors to supervise any works.
  • Our year round presence in Sainte Foy ensures that you are kept up to date with all developments concerning your property and the Co-Propriété.
  • We have a well-established network of contacts and an unrivalled local knowledge, with French speaking staff available 24/7 to assist.

The rights and responsibilities of owners under French Property Law can be a detailed and complex affair at times, and Première Service are here to help.

Owners or Co-Propriétaires have a number of rights as private owners within their Co-Propriété.  Equally, they also have a number of duties and joint obligations relating to their fellow owners and communal areas.

A Syndic or Managing Agent will manage your building and communal areas, as well as regulating relationships between owners, suppliers, utility firms, and the external insurance company responsible for the obligatory 10 year defects insurance taken out by the original property developer.

Owners are obliged to hold a General Assembly meeting annually, where the following elements are typically discussed:

  • Setting of annual budgets for repair, maintenance and improvement of the building and any communal areas
  • Assessement of the previous years’ spending and acceptance of the completed accounts.
  • Re-election of the Sydic / Managing Agent
  • Election of a Conseil Syndical – a small committee of selected owners to advise the Syndic / Managing Agent

At Première Service we understand the importance of communication in ensuring the successful management of your property and the protection of your investment.  We are happy to assist and represent your interests in a number of ways; in what can be a time consuming and bureaucratic process.

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